Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On a personal level the purpose of the Easel Brush & Bus blog is for my own enjoyment and recreation.
Included in this post are examples of my own sketching enjoyment.
  As far as locations for urban sketching I have been spending some time making quick sketches in downtown Salt Lakes new City Center shopping complex. With the array of architectural elements and the portions of City Creek meandering throughout the center courtyards there is a lot to sketch. If you look close you will even see pools with trout.

Another purpose of my blog is to model the role of using public transportation as part of ones own personal mobility. By using public transportation and sharing the fuel costs among many riders the individuals savings nay be available for other needs. My personal observation is that the economy as a whole may be stimulated by and benefit from the funds saved and redistributed elsewhere.
 For example one of my favorite sketch trips is to Brigham City. From my home the round trip is about 160 miles. At 20 mpg and at $4.00 per gallon to take my car costs $32.00 a day bus pass costs $5.75 leaving a savings of about $26.00. With the savings I have a nice lunch and a few extras and enjoy the time spent sketching and working on new blog posts while sipping on a beverage.
Thanks for taking a look at my sketches and consider taking a sketch class with me to try a new experience.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's New for 2012

Since Easel Brush and Bus blog is all about travel art and recreation throughout my blog territory
It seems fitting to give thought to the places I plan on and look forward to visiting and sketching throughout this year.
With hints of spring already evident I can hardly wait to get out and enjoy the warmer weather and the opportunities for outdoor sketching.

Considering my bolg territory Brigham city to the north, Payson City to the south west to Wendover Nevada and east to Park City, sketching subjects and opportunities are limitless.

Although their may be some route adjustments to scheduled public transportation due to economic budget considerations there is great accessibility to all of the place I plan on going to sketch.
Check UTA’s website for specific schedules.

Throughout this year I plan on making many more 1-4 hour excursions. I am sure that many individuals are coping with horrifically busy schedules the same as I myself am. Since replenishment is a daily need capturing an hour or so frequently will become equally as important as whole day outings.

Since I live almost smack-dab in the middle of my sketch territory and a half a block from the nearest bus stop, short excursions will be easily doable. One might think that an artists subject matter within an urban environment might be a little limited but not so.

From cityscapes full of people to Trout streams that flow from their origins in the Wasatch mountains and flow through the valley making their way west to the Great Salt Lake sketching possibilities are endless.

While there is a plethora of urban cityscapes there is also a lot of nature. This year I plan on doing several day outings to sketch segments of the Jordan River parkway. The parkway is a huge accomplishment. Supported by the counties whose borders it crosses. The river travels from Utah Lake all the way to the Great Salt Lake. Throughout the city are multiple access points to join the north south trail.

Every time I return home after a sketching outing I am increasingly more aware that it will take a long time and many outings to even begin making a dent in sketching, photographing and sampling the foods from the many establishments throughout my blog territory.

There are several day trips that I want to revisit on a regular basis. Included in my favorites is taking the Frontrunner Train from Salt Lake to Ogden hopping a transit bus to Brigham City. The bus travels along Highway 89, I could easily spend several days throughout the seasons of the year capturing images of the farms and orchards along this route, one of Utah’s incredible fruit producing regions. The bus route makes a loop through Brigham city which has many old buildings, Perfect for sketching the architecture of days gone by.

Also on the list of must dos are several desired outings south to Springville and Payson. The Springville Art museum is a must throughout the year as well as the Art museum at the BYU University campus.

Also on the list is to check out the accessibility of the public transit to the city of Tooele , west from Salt Lake (about 35 miles southwest) and just south of the Lake itself. Having spent time with cousins when younger and more recently fishing and hiking in the Ochre mountains there are many sketches of the area I want to capture.

Breaking from the public transportation system and connecting with the casino tour busses making the round trip about, 120 miles each way from Salt Lake to Wendover Nevada will be a frequent destination. The somber desert scenery the vivid colorful casinos coupled with good food and drink are an artists delight.

I hope you will follow this blog through the year to gain ideas for pursuing your own recreational sketching.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Variety Is the spice of life for this months sketching ambles

The past few weeks job search has for sure been a mental energy drain. So my primary goal this month in my sketching ambles is to replenish and enjoy myself. Scoping out locations and subject possibilities for sketching indoors when the weather is too cold or inclement will be a most welcome activity.
The real beauty of urban sketching is the variety of sketching possibilities. Since I have been so busy the last few weeks some of my sketching has been short but much enjoyed local outings.
Within the city (Salt Lake City) I stopped at the Salt Lake Public Library, (210 East 400 South) a perfect large indoor space for sketching. The library has shops a cafĂ© and a coffee shop. The interior space is perfect for sketching. The library is readily accessible by public transportation. The UTA’s (Utah Transit Authority) Trax line stops right at the library.
(Photos and sketches)
I also stopped and made a few sketches of Wheeler Farm a rural farm and regional park smack in the middle of the city also right on a UTA bus route that weekdays passes by every 15 minutes.

One of my favorite day outings is to take one of the Casino sponsored tour busses to Wendover and sketch desert views and the Bonneville salt flats. (Photos and sketches)http://www.wasatchphoto.com/was-art/subpages/map2.htm

Drawing and exercise can take your mind off of what’s stressing you, at least for a few minutes. Taking time to let yourself be engrossed in your sketches, will enable you to divert from your current state of mind and can provide benefits similar to meditation. Afterwards you should have a clearer head with which to tackle your problems again

Monday, September 14, 2009

Springville Art Museum

Since my blog is centered on art I will include excursions to art museums along the Wasatch front and also Park City Utah.
The Springville Art Museum located in Springville Utah about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City is a gem for artists and those wanting to enjoy really fine art. (http://sma.nebo.edu/)
The Springville Art museum is a not to miss designation. While the art museum boasts some incredible works of art from Russia and other European art and artists I really like to think of the art museum as the museum for both established and emerging Utah art and artists.
It is difficult and sometimes nearly impossible for artists to have their work shown in a museum. This is not the case with the Springville museum. The regularly planned exhibits welcome Utah artists and their work.
I applaud the organization for its Spring Salon a once yearly exhibit amongst other shows featuring Utah artists. It is an opportunity for emerging artists to have a chance at recognition.
More than a museum the center is a hub for art activities for individuals of all ages.
One of their initiative is a state wide art partnership, SWAP, The Mission of SWAP, the State Wide Art Partnership is to help establish Visual Art Education as a regular part of the general curriculum in the Utah Schools. Through the various programs of the partnership, teachers can learn to understand and appreciate art in ways that may result in a lifelong commitment to art as a part of their lives.
There are many more community educational art opportunities. Check out their website at http://sma.nebo.edu/intermediary_nav/education_programs.html
The Springville Art Museum is a location I will be frequenting often. Check out my photos and sketches of the grounds and the new outdoor sculpture garden.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Test excursion autumn 2008 Salt Lake to Brigham City

My first trial excursion was with a specific goal, make it from Salt Lake to Brigham city approximately 70 miles to the North have lunch, scope out sketching and plein air painting possibilities by way of public transportation. Ok that’s not the entire story. After being cooped up for weeks recuperating from surgery for a detached retina and not being able to drive (see “How The Project Got is Start) I was going stir crazy and needed to get out of the house and was in desperate need for an attitude change that only an outing outdoors could provide.

The first and all subsequent excursions are and have been a learning experience. Using the public transportation system for getting to work and for city errands is one thing. Using the public transportation system for greater distance recreation is quite another. All good if you understand how the system works and do a little planning.
Since part of the focus of this blog and my other blog Wasatch art is to model super affordable alternatives for outdoor recreation, I will mention that the $5.00 day pass for the bus was a bargain compared to fuel cost for taking a car or truck the 140 mile round trip.

Being used to taking my car or truck has allowed me to pack up and take all but the kitchen sink. Although at times I might as well have included it also.
As I take trips on the bus, Trax train and the FrontRunner train ( http://www.rideuta.com/ )
I continually am perfecting the art of simplification. Everything I desire to take has to fit in my pack and slung over my back. Throughout the postings of my excursion experiences I will share with you the things I take and their purpose and benefit or lack thereof.
The 70 mile trip from Salt Lake to Brigham City offers about as much diversity as any artists interest could desire. From city scapes to semi rural farms and orchards one is not lacking at all in subject matter, only time to enjoy the variety of possibilities.
The stretch between Perry and Brigham City on Highway 89 has long been one of Utah’s superb agricultural regions. The miles of orchards and truck farms stand tribute to the quality of the fruits and vegetables produced for decades at the foothills of the mountains.. As urban sprawl expands outward from the city centers along the Wasatch front once rural areas are becoming more populated. It is a unique opportunity though to have access to these areas by public transportation.
Since I am fond of the drive to Brigham City I will be making several trips to enjoy plein air sketching and painting.
The photos shown below are from this first trial excursion.